måndag 29 augusti 2016

Generation 4

It's time to say goodbye to generation 3 and present generation 4.

Generation 4 takes a huge leap in all areas, more power, more functions, more design work, more energy. For starters generation 4 is all liquid cooled, both the permanent magnet motor and the I.C.E is liquid cooled using two separate systems.

The transmission is updated with the latest and greatest from Goodyear, this makes it more more efficient and generates less noise. The Sevcon controller is a size bigger than in generation 3 and it uses a sine/cosine sensor in order to control the rotation of the electric motor. The sine/cosine sensor is much more precise than the older UVW hall sensor.

The tractions battery pack has been upgraded to 48V 160Ah and is controlled by a v.3 minibms. The minibms talks directly to the 1.5kW Elcon chager. I buzzer is also used to indicate high/low cell voltage.

 The biggest news regarding generation 4 is that the actual boat is being replaced. Linnea will be retired and Wilda will take her place.

Wilda is a Ockelbo B600 made in Sweden in 1980. She's  been thoroughly renovated and prepped for hybrid electric propulsion. Her measurements are:

LOA: 18 feet
Beam:  6.6 feet
Weight: 1250Kg

The drivetrain is located in front of the cabin. A straight shaft runs through the hull. The battery pack is divided into two 24V 160Ah banks connected in series. The two banks are located on opposite sides in the cabin.

The motor controller, charger, BMS and all other electronics are mounted on a "power wall" in the cabin.

I've installed a small radiator to aid the cooling of the electric motor. The radiator is placed at the bottom of the power wall shown in the picture above. The radiator uses three fans to extract the heat which will be much appreciated during our colder seasons.  

The plan is to perform initial sea trials in early spring 2017. The drivetrain has been thoroughly benched in the lab so I not to worried.

The picture above shows the power wall, the drivetrain and the dyno used to bench the system. The dyno can handle loads up to 10hk. It's amazing how little heat is generated by the electric motor when running at 160ah. The efficiency is VERY high, especially when compared to the I.C.E.

Another area that got much more attention in generation 4 is the dash board. I've worked closely with an industrial designer, http://akindustridesign.se/, in order to make the dash intuitive. The result is stunning.

The icons on the dash are cut out using laser and the surface is stainless steel. Lines are used to indicate what functions are are activated at each step, making the control of the boat more intuitive.
Stay tuned!